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You love your AirPods, but how do you show it? Cover them with the luxurious AirPods Pro Genuine Leather Case.

Available in black, tan, red, and emerald, they come in a style for everyone. Offering added protection for your earbuds, this case comes with a clip so you can always keep track of them.

AirPods Pro Case

“Just Five Star Product!”

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New Leather iPhone Stand & AirPods Pro Case 

From the groundbreaking Apple-iMac-G3-like transparent USB hub to ultra-thin travel chargers, the products VogDUO creates have earned it a reputation for designing humanized and unique consumer electronics since 1997.

Over the past 23 years, we has created products that lead to better user experiences in technology, research, and development. And now we want to break through the existing framework and expand our design profession to broader life experiences. What if we bring genuine textures along with more flexible and more intimate approaches into our daily life?

That is why our new vision was born: a modern life and technology solution. We take a holistic approach for better technological, life, and human design—with a baked-in sense of culture and values.

Introducing VogDUO

“The holy grail of USB Chargers”

Are you tired of having no free hand to hold your phone while you’re working or taking part in a video conference? You won’t have to put up with the hassle anymore thanks to the VogDUO leather iPhone stand. Just 0.1 inches thick, this leather iPhone stand is easy to set up.

In only two steps, you can prop your phone to a level that’s comfortable for you. This way, you get on with your work but still have your phone within view.

iPhone 12 Stand

Most electronic consumer products have PVC cases, ABS plastic cases, or metal frames. For the people with taste, do they have any other choice? We hear you.

In response, we’re working closely with Italian leather producers who specialize in vegetable tanning. And we’ve developed the VogDUO Genuine Leather Collection, which integrates the rigidity of electronics with the gentleness of leather. It redefines the way users live with their portable everyday personal carry items.

Genuine Leather Collection

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